Rhythmic Awareness - all instruments,  vocalists

Rhythm is one of the cornerstones of musical understanding and performance. Every instrumentalist and vocalist needs to master time and be very aware of tempo and of placement. I can take you into deep perception of tempo, groove, subdivisions and metric modulations. We can also delve into rhythmic devices for composition and improvisation.

For those who wish to go deeper, one of my specialities is making odd-metre time-signatures swing and groove naturally. I have some concepts that you would enjoy in relation to putting a 2, 3 or 4 pulse within odd groupings.

According to your needs I can also cover the parameters from metronomic accurate timing right through to flexible timeless concepts.

Rhythmic Awareness - all instruments, vocalists

Team Member:

David_Jones David Jones


Melbourne, Australia


Head of Jazz Drum Department - Sydney Conservatorium (1985 - 1992)
Honorary Senior Fellow - Melbourne Conservatorium/Victorian College of the Arts (from 2013 and ongoing)
Lecturer (Ensembles and Drumkit) and Drum Teacher - James Morrison Academy (2015 and ongoing)
Over 40 years teaching experience at various institutions and schools in Australia, Japan, Indonesia, Germany, Holland
Private Drum Students since 1978
Resident Artist at Universities and Institutions incl. ANAM, ANU, Hamilton College, Collarts and many others
Workshops, International Drum Festival Events, Masterclasses in Europe, UK, USA, Asia and Australia since 1978
Workshops, International Drum Festival Events, Masterclasses in Europe, USA, Asia since 1978


Intermediate to Advanced levels.

Please book an Initial Consultation with David (15 minutes) before booking your first Rhythmic Awareness lesson.