Basic Rudiments Simple Grooves

These lessons are for those starting out on drums and percussion. Or those who would like to start again and brush up on their rudiments.

We can design a plan together, specifically for what you would like to do. We can sort that out in the initial consultation.

Basic Rudiments Simple Grooves

Team Member:

David_Jones David Jones


Melbourne, Australia


Head of Jazz Drum Department - Sydney Conservatorium (1985 - 1992)
Honorary Senior Fellow - Melbourne Conservatorium/Victorian College of the Arts (from 2013 and ongoing)
Lecturer (Ensembles and Drumkit) and Drum Teacher - James Morrison Academy (2015 and ongoing)
Over 40 years teaching experience at various institutions and schools in Australia, Japan, Indonesia, Germany, Holland
Private Drum Students since 1978
Resident Artist at Universities and Institutions incl. ANAM, ANU, Hamilton College, Collarts and many others
Workshops, International Drum Festival Events, Masterclasses in Europe, UK, USA, Asia and Australia since 1978
Workshops, International Drum Festival Events, Masterclasses in Europe, USA, Asia since 1978


Please book an Initial Consultation with David (15 minutes) before booking your first Basic Rudiments Simple Grooves lesson.

You will need very basic rhythm reading, so I can write out certain patterns for you to work on.

Age - minimum 12 years of age.

You will need a good functioning metronome - digital or analog.

In your lesson, please have an acoustic kit or at least one or two instruments (such as cymbal and snare for example) - electronic kit is acceptable as long as it can be heard in the room without headphones.