Greg Niemczuk

Detailed work on chosen repertoire - practicing together, solving problems, discussing them, enriching knowledge.

60 mins

Working on the chosen repertoire, sloving problems, practicing.

30 mins

Do you need advices about your development as a pianist, musician, artist?

Do you need advices how to build your career?

Do you need motivation and inspiration?

I'm available to talk about it on a 1-1 conversation, coaching to do my best to inspire you and give you some ideas of how to improve and what to do to keep going as a musician.

60 mins

This is a complete course which is intended for a weekly lessons for a long period of time. During this course we can learn how to play Chopin's music the "Polish" way, as close to the spirit of Chopin as possible - I can suggest the repertoire and the way to study it knowing your level and expactations.

60 mins
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